Terms and conditions for trading at the fair, registering as a trader and attending the event.

1. In order to attend the fair as a trader, it is recommended to register as one beforehand.
2. It is allowed to trade with antiques, such as vintage technology, property and everything related to those. Everyone who has registered beforehand, is guaranteed a place.
3. Fairground boxes are not numbered. Everyone can choose their place from the available places on the spot.
4. It is strictly forbidden to trade with any kind of cut-and thrust weapons or fire-arms, explosives or parts of those, also objects similar to any kind of weapons or explosives (replicas). Ban on sale is effective nevertheless those above mentioned items are deactivated or not, nor if they have sales permission or not.
5. Trader, who doesn`t apply to the trading regulations, will lose his sales rights and has to free the sales place allocated to him. The money paid for this sales place won`t be returned to the trader.
6. In order to preserve a sales place, the application should be sent with the filled form online. It can also be done by calling us on the number (+372) 50 890 38.
7. Trader receives a confirmation after pre-registration. Appropriate note will be made in the traders table on the website too. All names of the traders will be published on MotoNostalgia website in the fair traders list.
8. After registration, the trader will be sent and invoice. After paying the invoice, the attendance will be confirmed. If the invoice is not paid by due date, the booking will be cancelled. The fee for the sales place will not be returned if the trader decides to cancel the attendance ten days (or later) before the fair.
9. One traders place costs 30 € (4x8 meters). In choosing the box, the trader must take into consideration the nature of the goods on sale and measurements of the transportation stand. Going over the borders is not permitted. It is possible to book more than one place.
10. The fairground area is open on Saturday , July 20st 16:00 – 00:00 and on Sunday, July 21nd until 07:30 for loading goods. Fairground is open for trading on Sunday, July 21nd 08:00 – 20:00.
11. Entrance to the fairground is free. Entrance to MotoNostalgia area is 10 €. Children under the age of 10 years (inc.) can enter the event without entrance fee.
12. Entering MotoNostalgia with glass bottles is forbidden.